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From 500 employees to the Fortune 500 are using this proven system to predict who will succeed and block 7 to 9 out of every 10 bad hires!

A System That Works: Client Testimonials & Reviews

Learn more about performance metrics and our workforce development solutions from those who have used our services to make their businesses better.

Jay has helped us better understand how to get the best out of our top performers. Everyone has a different motivation that drives them and you can really get the best out of someone if you approach them the right way. 

Being observant about our team, it was amazing to see how accurate the evaluation was. 

Many people are blind to what they might be getting themselves into, the Performance Profile process allows you the ability to see into how a person thinks and what there “risk” levels might be in certain situations. It also gives you an idea of where that person is motivated and how to approach a situation with that person.

Lori Cerami, DPM, Foot and Ankle Associates of North Texas, Grapevine, TX

My wife laughed when she read my result report – she thought Jay had installed a secret camera in the office. 
Since I started using Real Talent, I now have more employees because business (and profits) have increased. For a relatively small fee, I can greatly improve my hiring process and then I can use the test results on an ongoing basis in managing the employees that I do hire. 
Jay finally hammered it home – your employees are the most important part of your business and hiring the right person for the right job is crucial for your success (and happiness).
Kevin McDonald, DPM, Family Foot Care, Concord, NC

Jay has helped me in making sound hiring recommendations; when we choose to hire a candidate, Jay has also given me feedback that allows me to coach managers on how that individual can best be managed. 

To be honest, I was floored at how accurate the results are! It’s amazing how someone’s rankings of two lists can reveal so much about their strengths, weaknesses, potential and overall character.

Using Real Talent as part of our hiring process ensures that we get an accurate look at how a candidate will actually perform once the interviews are over.

It makes sure that we get the right people into the right positions. And the feedback we get from each test helps me as an HR professional to coach my managers on how they can get the most out of their newest team member. We know before we hire someone what their weaknesses are and how to be proactive in addressing those weaknesses and getting the best work out of each employee.

Barbara Green, Human Resources, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC

When I became Human Resources Manager here at Jan Dils, Jan informed me that speaking with Jay Henderson about each Real Talent Performance Profile was imperative before hiring. Jan really believes in Real Talent and Jay's expertise.

I have to admit that when I first began speaking with Jay about the Performance Profile's - that I really doubted the validity. I just couldn't fathom that such a simple exercise could produce such crystal clear results. I thought that my "spot-on" results were just a coincidence! However, after a couple of hiring rounds and Jay really explaining the exercise in further detail - I became a believer!

I would never hire without the Real Talent Performance Profile and speaking with Jay. To put it simply, Real Talent has helped us hire the best candidate's from each hiring round! Real Talent helps us find the "lowest risk" employees. It helps me put my finger on and validate the gut feelings I receive while interviewing.

I would tell a fellow employer to use Real Talent if they are serious about hiring the best possible employees for their unique company and lowering their turnover rate. Real Talent can help any employer discover the core values they are looking for in their candidates.

After realizing the clarity that Jay Henderson can bring to a pool of candidate's, one begins to feel 100% secure in their hiring decisions - and that's a great feeling! I have received tons of positive feedback from our employees that I hire the best employees and I cannot take all of that credit because a large piece of it is due to Real Talent, the Performance Profile and Jay Henderson.

Whenever we are hiring, no department within our organization is scared of the employee I will be placing into their workgroup. I receive feedback from employees such as, "No matter who you place with us - I know they will be great." The employees welcome the talent we bring in and we are able to find that talent because of the Performance Profile.

Real Talent provides you with a tool to help make your interview process a fabulous one. The Performance Profile is an exercise that you provide to the pool of candidates you are interested in. You receive the detailed results immediately after the candidate completes the exercise. These results show you the inner attitudes, motivators, stressors, etc. that are impossible to see in interviewing alone. The results show you the core strengths and the developmental comments for each candidate and from this you are able to see how well this employee will fit into your organization.

Jay Henderson will speak with you about your pool of candidate's and show you what he can see by looking at the results through his expertise. The comments Jay provides you with are candid, helpful, and diagnosed to your particular needs. I feel secure in our hiring process thanks to the help of the Performance Profile and Jay Henderson's extreme knowledge of its results.
Natalie Mather, Human Resources, Jan Dils Law, Parkersburg, WV

Jay has worked with dozens of my Top Practices members and he has worked with Ben Glass's Great Legal Marketing members as well. He has been helping our doctors and lawyers make good, informed decisions about their hiring and he's been saving them thousands of dollars in failed employees. Personally, I used his evaluative tools on myself and my team and I got a few key insights that have helped me "un-stick" a couple of "stuck" areas in my business. It's been great.

We have become so much more sophisticated in our approach to hiring (I'm speaking here about all the medical and legal practices in Top Practices and Great Legal Marketing). And it is so less stressful. We tend to convince ourselves that someone can do the job even though the data tells us otherwise. With Jay and his team there is no guessing.

The key is to learn to say no to the wrong people before they come into and mess up your life.

The best hiring resource I have seen in my 30 year career. There is no point in describing it -Jay will let anyone test it out for themselves at no cost just to see how it works. I highly recommend everyone give it a shot. And I will say again - I would not ever hire anyone without first having them take the test and then discussing it with the Real Talent team.

I wish the best for Jay and everyone at Real Talent, because if he ever stopped doing this, I honestly don't know how I would replace it.
Rem Jackson, Top Practices, Lititz, PA, www.toppractices.com

"What CEO wouldn't want to know about this?"

Leon Drennan, President and CFO of Hospital Corporation of America

"Prevents us from spending on bad hires!"

After receiving and utilizing the new report that we have now adopted worldwide in our recruitment and selection process, we want to thank you for your expertise and patience as you developed a customized tool that meets our needs so well.

We have every confidence that we will be making wiser hiring decisions throughout our network.
This technology prevents us from spending on bad hires that would not make it in the U.S.
Joy Roark, Director of Recruitment, HCCA, Nashville, TN

"No more bad apples!"

Since we started putting all new hires through your process - we've finally developed the team that is so strong, so competent, that I'm having employees come to me and say, ‘Wow - we've got such an incredible team. We have no bad apples.

I've even had clients ask me how I built such a great team.
I was once tempted to hire someone that I probably new in my gut that I shouldn't hire and you helped me make the right decision!

For the first time ever, we've got a 100% rock star team. Now, everyone is rockin' and it's just a fun place for everyone - including me.

Let me add, the technology is amazingly accurate, but your incredibly insightful consulting takes it to a whole new level.

Timothy Seward, CEO & Owner, RoiRevolution.com, Raleigh, NC

I was blown away by how effective this is for us! It is a must have system for anyone making hiring decisions. With this information in hand I am able to make a hiring decision I can trust in a matter of minutes. It used to drag on for days and even weeks.
Jonathan Munsell, President and Owner, Amazing Brands Restaurants & Catering, Raleigh, NC

"Your advice will save me $100,000 per year!"

This is truly amazing, Jay. I couldn't believe how the technology pin-pointed things going on in my new hires' inner self, and how much it effects his sales results. You told me exactly why he's not selling, even though he could sell, and what to do about it. You were right again.
Phillip Ray, CEO & Owner, Platinum Auto, Atlanta, GA

"What if we knew all of this a year ago?"

We were amazed. In 10 minutes, without knowing us or anything about our business, you summed up our very own analysis of the mistakes we made as business owners over the past year, almost verbatim! What if we had known about you a year ago?

Dr. Karl Banks, CEO and Ben Jesson, President, Conversion-Rate-Experts.com, Staffordshire, England

"It is incredible how accurate the test results are. The results were astounding."

Initially, I was never a proponent of this type of testing, particularly IQ testing. The CEO decided to have a test administered to all potential applicants. Yours was the test chosen. I decided to take a proactive approach to the test, particularly when I read the format. I became very curious how 18 metrics could define specific characteristics.

It helped me to approach the second phase of the interview in a different way. My questions related to the Performance Profile results and gave me a structure in approach, and I began to have a more comprehensive interview with stronger, more accurate results.

With the consulting I received from you, I could see the results immediately. It is incredible how accurate the test results are. To quench my curiosity, I had you administer both the Applicant and Management Interview Guide to me. I just wanted you to know, I thought the results were astounding.

The accuracy and depth of scope of the results for me indicated the absolute validity and integrity of the Interview Guide. We all think no one know us better than ourselves.

Well, the Interview Guide does as well!

The results are always accurate and valid. There are times when the applicant shines in the interview but very inherent risks are identified in the guide. It provides a necessary awareness for the second interview to dig further into risk indicators.

Also, your turnaround time is immediate and expeditious. When a number of candidates were interviewing for one position, timing is paramount. One does not want to lose a very strong candidate. I can rely on you for returning the results quickly, usually within the day.
A strong team is invaluable and often, very hard to come by. The Interview Guide's provide an efficient tool to get it right the first time. The savings is in the rehiring process, because we simply no longer have to.

I would recommend this to everyone. It is an effective and functional tool in the hiring process. Absolutely. I have a strong team as a result of the Interview Guide's guidance.

Thank you!

Nancy L. Zablud, Controller, Boylan Companies, Raleigh, N.C.

"I am convinced that your assessment was the secret weapon which enabled me to hire the best candidate and avoid a bad hire for the financial manager position."

Jay- I wanted to write you a brief note about my experience with your Top Line Performance Hiring Assessment Tool. I profiled three people, two finalist candidates for a key financial manager position and one retail store manager. I am convinced that your assessment was the secret weapon which enabled me to hire the best candidate and avoid a bad hire for the financial manager position. I conservatively estimate that a bad hire could have cost me at least $20,000 in rehire costs, retraining, loss of knowledge base and distraction of owner/manager from revenue and profit generating activities in the near future. I am going to use your assessment on all management position hiring decisions going forward. After three assessments, I am convinced this tool can eliminate 80% of bad hires!

In the recruiting example, I was able to expose individual strengths and weaknesses in the candidates that most likely would have led to relatively rapid turnover (six months or less). Using your assessment we were able to identify the more stable candidate for our position and offer that candidate the position.

I also used your hiring assessment as an aid to improve my coaching and development of a store manager who is currently struggling to meet our profit goals. The assessment was able to put laser focus on several aspects of the manager's personality which have become the root cause of recent customer service failures and several failures in his ability to staff, schedule and develop his team properly. I am currently trying some new strategies to salvage this hire. If I were to have profiled this individual prior to hiring, I am certain I would not have hired him. I estimate his current cost to my business is missed sales and excessive labor costs at $5000 - $10,000 per month.

I would be more than willing to provide reference calls for you and feel free to use any or all of this marketing materials. Please don't identify my business in your materials to protect the individuals profiled.

Karl Murphy, Raleigh, NC Business Owner, 919-428-4459