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The Shortfalls Of The Job Candidate Interview & The Need For Objective Assessment

There is no shortage of information about how to ace a job interview - and there's also no shortage of information about how employers can conduct the perfect interview that nets the perfect worker. However, while a one-on-one interview is certainly important to the candidate selection process, a significant amount of research has found that interviews alone simply aren't very effective at finding real talent or at weeding out poor choices.

What are some of the shortfalls of the traditional job interview process?

  • Interviewers often make snap judgments. Sadly, what a candidate wears to an interview or how much he weighs means a lot more than how he handles conflict or makes decisions. We're only human, and most interviewers will stick with their first impression - made in the twenty seconds after the initial meeting - no matter what is said in the rest of the interview.
  • Interviews do not focus on talent. Yes, it is important to know about a candidate's education and experience, but how can you possibly find out about a person's ambition, work ethic, or critical thinking skills in a short meeting? All too often, interviewers simply say they have a "feeling" about a candidate, but can't put the feeling into words.
  • It's easy to say the right thing in an interview. With a little coaching and common sense, most job candidates will happily claim to get along well with others and that their biggest weakness is that they work too hard - as long as a few white lies will help them land a new job.
  • Interviews are just plain subjective. Whether a candidate aces the interview or not depends heavily on who is conducting the interview. No amount of training or knowledge will significantly change that fact. Different people will continue to have different impressions and different opinions.
Although interviews can be extremely helpful during the employee selection process, the weaknesses of the interview process beg for an objective assessment of the job candidates that can help paint a full picture of how a person will perform in the work environment.

At Real Talent Hiring, we offer a hiring metric that no only lets employers know if a potential worker is a good decision maker and thinker but also lets employers know if a potential worker is a good fit for their particular company, work environment, and culture. We believe that while a face-to-face interview can help a business get to know a person, a short, objective assessment can help a business find employees who will stay with your company and thrive there.

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