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America's Best Companies

From 500 employees to the Fortune 500 are using this proven system to predict who will succeed and block 7 to 9 out of every 10 bad hires!

Secure the Best Employees with Accurate, Proven Performance Metrics

Is your high employee turnover rate harming your company and the quality of your services?  Are you looking for a better way to find real talent and dedicated workers? If you hire us, we will use an accurate, objective system to consistently improve your workforce and ultimately strengthen your business.

Why are you using the same interview process and hiring metrics that have gotten you poor results in the past?

Here's the secret to getting ahead of the competition: to find the best talent in the field, you have to understand how people think and how people make decisions - and you have to find out who will thrive in YOUR unique work environment.

Research shows that resumes rarely tell you the real truth. In personal interviews, it's easy to let our own biases get in the way. We often go with our gut and hire the wrong person. This ever happen to you? 100% of my clients confirm - personality profiles and hiring assessments are not as accurate as they had hoped.

When looking at your hiring process, you MUST consider the following FACTS:

  • You think your interview process is thorough, but you still end up with problem employees who perform poorly.
  • A high employee turnover rate means you are spending too much on hiring, interviewing, and training new employees.
  • Hiring employees who will thrive in your business environment will increase company productivity and profits.
  • Building successful employment development strategies will help you find and keep the right employees.
  • Objective performance metrics provide an accurate and credible way to improve your recruitment, hiring, and development processes.

Get the right people in the right place with Real Talent Hiring, the only objective human performance metric system.
Organizations like Hilton, Merrill Lynch, IBM, the United States Navy, NASA, GTE, Ford, the FBI, and the New York Yankees have already gotten on board with Real Talent Hiring.

 "What CEO wouldn't want to know about this?"
~ Leon Drennan, President and CFO of Hospital Corporation of America

It's easy to determine whether or not a job candidate has an impressive education, solid work experience, and an extensive skill set. But how can you consistently select employees who have real talent - people who will work well with your team, people who will thrive in your company's distinctive environment, and people who can make the right decisions at the right times?

Here's the tough answer:

With a traditional interviewing and hiring process, it can be extremely difficult to know how a candidate will fare in a specific office culture. All too often, each individual job candidate is analyzed in comparison to the other job candidates; candidates are hired for subjective or vague reasons: they presented themselves well, they seem like a good fit, or they left a good impression. But this doesn't guarantee that the new hire will find success in the position.
The bottom line? Using conventional behavioral tools and personality profiles to recruit talent often leads to common hiring, training, staffing, and development problems.

Are your new hires not performing as you had hoped? 

At Real Talent Hiring, we improve workforce culture, cut turnover rates, and strengthen teams by analyzing how people think and how people make decisions - all in relation to the specific environment at your company. Based on Nobel Prize nominated research, our benchmark studies and performance profiles have been proven to block 70 to 90 percent of bad hires and save companies money by cutting the costs of hiring and training. 

Sounds great, but what separates us from other hiring metrics and workforce analysis services?

We understand that just because a job candidate could be successful at one company does not mean that the individual has the right tools and talent to excel at your company. We also understand that empirical, performance-focused metrics will produce far more accurate, consistent, and useful information than personality profiles that require interpretation and conjecture.

It's simple: we have an accurate, credible, and objective way to find the best hires for you - and we get results.
Run a preliminary benchmark study with Real Talent Hiring at no cost or obligation.

We understand if you're not convinced by a bunch of talk, which is why we offer our new clients an opportunity to use our tools and meet our team.

Our preliminary benchmark study analyzes the profiles of both your top performers and your bottom performers, allowing you to better understand the skills, values, traits, and talents that work best in your unique corporate environment. If you choose to partner with us, we can use your benchmark results to help you improve your recruitment, hiring, and development processes and ultimately assist you in finding people with real talent and promise. If you decide that our performance metrics system is not for you, then the benchmark study is free.

Contact us today at (877) 863-7133 to arrange a preliminary benchmark study or to speak with one of our performance metrics experts about your hiring or employee development issues. Get an edge over your competition by picking the real talent out of your applicant pool using common sense and science. We can help.

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