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Workforce Analysis Predicts Nine Characteristics of Failure

http://www.realtalenthiring.com/ Are you tired of hiring poor employees? Do you want to know which employees will succeed or fail? You have come to the right place. Watch this video to learn how our hiring analysis and performance metrics can help identify characteristics of failure in order to keep problem workers out of your company.

At Real Talent Hiring, we measure how a person thinks and makes decisions, which can help us identify characteristics that cause failure. In fact, a large multinational healthcare company had us measure doctors in their hospitals. After reviewing 190 doctors, we were able to identify nine characteristics that caused failure 95 percent of the time in that specific environment. Not only do we measure performance to determine success and failure, but we have helped many companies hire the best employees and block poor hires due to our workforce analytics.

By using an objective, mathematical, and scientific metric system to measure performance, we can help your company find the right person for the job. To find out more about our metrics workforce analysis, call Real Talent Hiring at (877) 863-7133 or contact us online at http://www.realtalenthiring.com/contact.cfm.