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What Makes Our Hiring Assessment Services Different?

http://www.realtalenthiring.com/ When you are considering using an outside company to help you with your hiring needs, you most likely want to know what separates one hiring assessment company from another. In this video, you will hear Jay Henderson explain what differentiates Real Talent Hiring from other workforce analysis services.

Most analytics-driven hiring assessments are behavioral assessments, whereas Real Talent Hiring uses science and mathematics to determine how people think, how they make decisions, what their biases are, what they pay attention to, and even what they miss. Because of the scientific objectivity in our performance metrics, the data we measure is reliable and predictive. The more people we can measure in an organization, the more predictive analytics a company will receive.

To learn more about our performance metrics, call one of our workforce analysis professionals to find out how we can improve your hiring while cutting your hiring costs and employee turnover rate. For more information, call Real Talent Hiring at (877) 863-7133 or contact us online at http://www.realtalenthiring.com/contact.cfm.