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From 500 employees to the Fortune 500 are using this proven system to predict who will succeed and block 7 to 9 out of every 10 bad hires!

When I became Human Resources Manager

When I became Human Resources Manager here at Jan Dils, Jan informed me that speaking with Jay Henderson about each Real Talent Performance Profile was imperative before hiring. Jan really believes in Real Talent and Jay's expertise.

I have to admit that when I first began speaking with Jay about the Performance Profile's - that I really doubted the validity. I just couldn't fathom that such a simple exercise could produce such crystal clear results. I thought that my "spot-on" results were just a coincidence! However, after a couple of hiring rounds and Jay really explaining the exercise in further detail - I became a believer!

I would never hire without the Real Talent Performance Profile and speaking with Jay. To put it simply, Real Talent has helped us hire the best candidate's from each hiring round! Real Talent helps us find the "lowest risk" employees. It helps me put my finger on and validate the gut feelings I receive while interviewing.

I would tell a fellow employer to use Real Talent if they are serious about hiring the best possible employees for their unique company and lowering their turnover rate. Real Talent can help any employer discover the core values they are looking for in their candidates.

After realizing the clarity that Jay Henderson can bring to a pool of candidate's, one begins to feel 100% secure in their hiring decisions - and that's a great feeling! I have received tons of positive feedback from our employees that I hire the best employees and I cannot take all of that credit because a large piece of it is due to Real Talent, the Performance Profile and Jay Henderson.

Whenever we are hiring, no department within our organization is scared of the employee I will be placing into their workgroup. I receive feedback from employees such as, "No matter who you place with us - I know they will be great." The employees welcome the talent we bring in and we are able to find that talent because of the Performance Profile.

Real Talent provides you with a tool to help make your interview process a fabulous one. The Performance Profile is an exercise that you provide to the pool of candidates you are interested in. You receive the detailed results immediately after the candidate completes the exercise. These results show you the inner attitudes, motivators, stressors, etc. that are impossible to see in interviewing alone. The results show you the core strengths and the developmental comments for each candidate and from this you are able to see how well this employee will fit into your organization.

Jay Henderson will speak with you about your pool of candidate's and show you what he can see by looking at the results through his expertise. The comments Jay provides you with are candid, helpful, and diagnosed to your particular needs. I feel secure in our hiring process thanks to the help of the Performance Profile and Jay Henderson's extreme knowledge of its results.
Natalie Mather, Human Resources, Jan Dils Law, Parkersburg, WV