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From 500 employees to the Fortune 500 are using this proven system to predict who will succeed and block 7 to 9 out of every 10 bad hires!

To Be Honest, I Was Floored...

Jay has helped me in making sound hiring recommendations; when we choose to hire a candidate, Jay has also given me feedback that allows me to coach managers on how that individual can best be managed. 

To be honest, I was floored at how accurate the results are! It’s amazing how someone’s rankings of two lists can reveal so much about their strengths, weaknesses, potential and overall character.

Using Real Talent as part of our hiring process ensures that we get an accurate look at how a candidate will actually perform once the interviews are over.

It makes sure that we get the right people into the right positions. And the feedback we get from each test helps me as an HR professional to coach my managers on how they can get the most out of their newest team member. We know before we hire someone what their weaknesses are and how to be proactive in addressing those weaknesses and getting the best work out of each employee.

Barbara Green, Human Resources, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC