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From 500 employees to the Fortune 500 are using this proven system to predict who will succeed and block 7 to 9 out of every 10 bad hires!

Jay has worked with dozens of my Top Practices members and he has worked with Ben Glass’s Great Legal Marketing members as well.

Jay has worked with dozens of my Top Practices members and he has worked with Ben Glass's Great Legal Marketing members as well. He has been helping our doctors and lawyers make good, informed decisions about their hiring and he's been saving them thousands of dollars in failed employees. Personally, I used his evaluative tools on myself and my team and I got a few key insights that have helped me "un-stick" a couple of "stuck" areas in my business. It's been great.

We have become so much more sophisticated in our approach to hiring (I'm speaking here about all the medical and legal practices in Top Practices and Great Legal Marketing). And it is so less stressful. We tend to convince ourselves that someone can do the job even though the data tells us otherwise. With Jay and his team there is no guessing.

The key is to learn to say no to the wrong people before they come into and mess up your life.

The best hiring resource I have seen in my 30 year career. There is no point in describing it -Jay will let anyone test it out for themselves at no cost just to see how it works. I highly recommend everyone give it a shot. And I will say again - I would not ever hire anyone without first having them take the test and then discussing it with the Real Talent team.

I wish the best for Jay and everyone at Real Talent, because if he ever stopped doing this, I honestly don't know how I would replace it.
Rem Jackson, Top Practices, Lititz, PA, www.toppractices.com