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The Seven Biggest Hiring Mistakes Bosses Make

“It’s hard to find good employees these days.” You’ve heard this old saying I’m sure.
Unfortunately, using the same old hiring methods will yield you the same old employee problems. Instead of taking hiring too lightly, beware of these seven hiring mistakes:

1. Hiring too quickly. Human nature abhors a vacuum, and so do employers eager to fill a vacancy. Hiring in desperation often leads to settling for less than the best. Oftentimes, companies are so motivated to fill a position they hire the first reasonable
person who walks through the door. Quite simply, this will not work!
2. Hiring on gut feelings. The employer rationalizes, “I had a gut feeling that I should hire him/her, so I did.” However, appearances are deceiving and you will be disappointed by your hiring results.
3. Hiring because of impeccable references. How many job candidates aren’t smart enough to provide you with references that will assure them a glowing critique? Enough said.
4. Hiring because previous employers had no criticism. Because of the potential for lawsuits, employers today are reluctant to reveal information about an ex-employee, especially if it’s negative. Also, no matter how deserving the employee was of the dismissal, many employers harbor unresolved guilt about having to fire someone. By refraining from being negative during a reference inquiry, they feel, may be the best way to atone for their guilty feelings.
5. Hiring because the applicant aced the interview. Having attended seminars or classes on effective interviewing, many job seekers today are prepared or even “groomed” for the interview process. There is certainly an abundance of books on the subject. And some people, namely sociopaths, because of their charismatic personality and manipulative manner, may be shoo-ins for almost any job they
interview for.

6. Hiring because of an impressive résumé. The Society for Human Resource Management has found that over 53% of resumes were falsified…. A good résumé can't perform on the job. In addition, anyone can buy a world-class résumé. Just check the yellow pages, where résumé services abound. These masters of hype have a talent for transforming the most meager of job histories into the great American
7. Hiring because they come highly recommended. Many employers have hired someone because of virtues lauded by a friend or colleague, only to be stunned later when the employee didn’t pan out. While your friend/colleague/associate may not
deliberately set out to steer you wrong, they may also be operating under false assumptions. Relying on a friend to furnish you with a good employee is almost as unreliable as depending on a “gut feeling.”