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Leadership Succession & Leadership Development: Planning The Best Future For Your Business

Making a hiring mistake at the entry level is certainly not ideal, but making a hiring mistake or promotion mistake at the executive level can be extremely costly not to mention harmful to your business as a whole. Especially now, as many baby-boomer business leaders are retiring or preparing to retire, it is key that companies make smart, well thought out choices when selecting new executives, promoting employees, and securing leadership for the future.

At too many companies, executive selection and leadership succession are often only discussed when specific needs arise. However, this last-minute approach causes companies to miss out on key leadership development opportunities and on retaining talented, ambitious employees that could well be future managers and executives. Too often, companies without a strategy and strapped for time will assume that an employee who excels at their current position will likely excel on a higher level. At the same time, employees with real potential might be passed up for wholly subjective reasons.
What are the keys to successful leadership development and leadership planning?

  • Know the overall goals and overall challenges that your company's leaders face.
  • Outline the strengths and weaknesses of your current leadership.
  • Understand the skill set needed to be a successful leader at your company.
  • Be on the lookout for those in your company with standout talent.
  • Nurture and develop the leadership skills of all of your employees.
  • Make certain that your workforce is organized for optimal performance.
  • Have an emergency leadership succession plan in place.
  • Use performance metrics to pinpoint potential leaders and develop talent.

Of course, many of these seemingly simple steps are more complicated than they initially appear. How can you tell the difference between real talent and false potential? How do you know who will bring executive skills, such as great decision-making abilities, to the table and who will not? How can you understand individual team dynamics, and what could improve those dynamics?

At Real Talent Hiring, we are dedicated to finding answers to the above questions and perfecting a series of simple tests that are proven to aide in successful workforce development. While we absolutely understand that leadership development and leadership succession planning will never simply consist of performance metrics, we also know that our system can provide businesses with vital information that is not available elsewhere.

Along with other proven methods of replacement planning, performance metrics can reveal information about your workers - and how they work together - that will be vital in both identifying and developing the men and women who will continue the traditions and successes of your company in the future.

Want to learn more about Real Talent's performance metrics? Call us today at 877-863-7133 for more information - and ask us about our free benchmark study opportunity.