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What led you to Real Talent?



I am a member of Rem Jackson's Mastermind Group and heard Jay speak in Dallas at Rem's meeting in October 2009. Jay was very impressive, a great speaker. His presentation really made me think about how I choose who works for my company.

As I talked with Rem of his experience with Jay, I had to find out for myself how the Performance Profile I really worked.

Matt Neuhaus, DPM, Owner, NeuhausFoot&Ankle, Smyrna, TN, www.smyrnafootandankle.com

When I was first getting my business established, I started asking around to find out who were the main "Go To" guys in various fields and Jay's name kept popping up.

I was fortunate enough to be attending some of the same meetings as Jay and got to know him and I immediately knew that I needed to utilize Jay's expertise and hiring systems in my business.

Ben Thole, Certified "No B.S." Business Advisor Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, www.MeetWithBen.com

Rem Jackson introduced me to Jay Henderson as a way to screen current employees or future prospective employees.

Gary Ashmore, Ashmore Law Firm, Dallas, TX , www.AshmoreLaw.com

I've known Jay personally for about 25 years. Fifteen years ago he introduced me to the profile and I've been a client of Jay's for at least that long.

Phillip Ray, DataLynx-US, Atlanta,GA, www.datalynx-us.com

Through Ken Hardison and PILMMA. Ken introduced me to Jay.

Brett Dils, Jan Dils Attorneys At Law, Parkersburg, WV, www.jandils.com

I met Jay at a local marketing mastermind group. I was impressed with his presentation on how to hire and retain great employees.

What was the #1 benefit you received? I bought several assessments for my managers and sales people. The assessments help weed out the great interviewers/bad hires. Most importantly it has helped me dramatically improve the coaching and development of my current staff.

Did anything surprise you about Real Talent? How accurate it is in predicting how employees make decisions and how consistent the employee behavior is within the profile assessment

Karl Murphy Owner, Carolina Auto Spa, Raleigh, NC

As long as I've been with our company, we've been using Real Talent as a part of our hiring process.

Barbara Green, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC, www.ROIRevolution.com

I found out about Real Talent from PILMMA (Personal Injury Lawyers Marketing and Management Association). Being a part of PILMMA's Mastermind program allowed us to hear from one of Jay's other clients, who just raved about what Jay has been able to do for their company. After hearing their testimony I knew that we must start working with Jay.

Joy Fow, Business Manager, Sullivan Law Office, Louisville, KY, www.MichaelSullivanLaw.com

I was first introduced to Jay Henderson in October 2009 at the Top Practices Meeting in Dallas, TX.

Jane Graebner, Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, Delaware, OH, www.FootDoctorJane.com

I heard Jay speak at Rem Jackson's Top Practice Summit in Grapevine, Texas and was very impressed.

Mickey E. Gordon, DPM, Gulf Coast Foot Care, Naples, FL, www.gulfcoastfootcare.com

We were introduced to Jay by Rem Jack-son with Top Practices.

Lori Cerami, Foot & Ankle Associates of North Texas, www.faant.com

Rem Jackson and Top Practices.

Kevin McDonald, Family Foot Care, Concord, NC, www.cabarrusfootdoctor.com