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What is the most compelling reason someone should use Real Talent?


A: What I find most compelling is the opportunity Jay's service gives you to dig deep into what a person is and thinks without really knowing them. He will help you evaluate strengths and weaknesses of potential employees and reduce the risk of getting someone that will not be good for your business.

Matt Neuhaus, DPM, Owner, NeuhausFoot&Ankle, Smyrna, TN, www.smyrnafootandankle.com

If you're stuck in your business and need to take it to the next level, then you should seriously consider using Jay's services. He can identify those one or two little "hinges" --things that you may just need to pay a little more attention to and tweak --that will help swing open the doors to greater success.

Ben Thole, Certified "No B.S." Business Advisor Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, www.MeetWithBen.com

To get it right the first time. As the saying goes fire fast, hire slow. Know what and who you're dealing with currently and what and who your potential hires need to be.

Gary Ashmore, Ashmore Law Firm, Dallas, TX , www.AshmoreLaw.com

Most hiring tools seem to give a basic thumbs up or thumbs down on a candidate. Not only does Real Talent give me insight into whether or not someone is a good hire, but it gives e tips on how to manage that person should we decide to offer them the job.

Timothy Seward, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC, www.ROIRevolution.com

Hiring the wrong person isn't worth the cost involved- when you think of how much time, energy and money is spent on training and productivity. Those costs way outweigh the upfront costs. It helps streamline the hiring process. It's a great tool.

Brett Dils, Jan Dils Attorneys At Law, Parkersburg, WV, www.jandils.com

Real Talent has changed my life. It has brought clarity to all of my employee shortcomings and helped me focus my coaching, development and systems around making the staff successful within their decision making world. I no longer work weekends because I have a staff that can be successful without me. Without the hiring assessment it would have taken me years and more turnover to get there... if ever.

It provides a confidence in understanding your staff that can't be acquired any other way.

Karl Murphy Owner, Carolina Auto Spa, Raleigh, NC

These days, there are so many books, blogs, classes, etc. that coach applicants on exactly what to say during an interview. Being in HR, I know that for every book I read about great, insightful interview questions, there is a book for job applicants to read on exactly how to answer those same questions! Using Real Talent as part of our hiring process ensures that we get an accurate look at how a candidate will actually perform once the interviews are over.

Barbara Green, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC, www.ROIRevolution.com

It's a no-brainer. You'll get much better return on your investment! Hiring the right employee has always been a challenge. This takes the guess work out of the question, "Will this person fit well with my team?"

Joy Fow, Business Manager, Sullivan Law Office, Louisville, KY, www.MichaelSullivanLaw.com

Because it does cost way too much time and money to hire the wrong person and then it is often difficult to fire that individual who is not an "A" employee. So it is better to invest a small amount of time and money to insure that you have the right person for the job.

Jane Graebner, Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, Delaware, OH, www.FootDoctorJane.com

For me it is saving lost time from making a less desirable choice, the heartache of firing someone who didn't work out and disrupting their career path and family. Hopefully it will save on legal fees from ugly business divorces.

Mickey E. Gordon, DPM, Gulf Coast Foot Care, Naples, FL, www.gulfcoastfootcare.com

By increasing our communication, we have increased the rate which we exceed our goals.

Lori Cerami, Foot & Ankle Associates of North Texas, www.faant.com

For me, it is ROI (Return on Investment). For a relatively small fee, I can greatly improve my hiring process and then I can use the test results on an ongoing basis in managing the employees that I do hire.

Kevin McDonald, Family Foot Care, Concord, NC, www.cabarrusfootdoctor.com