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As a result of your use of Real Talent and the Performance Profile, what is one thing that has changed in your business?


A: I will never hire another person without having them take Jay's Performance Profile.
Matt Neuhaus, DPM, Owner, NeuhausFoot&Ankle, Smyrna, TN, www.smyrnafootandankle.com
By using Jay's assessments we identified time blocking as a key focus area to improve the overall performance of our business systems. Without identifying and working on that area, we would still be struggling to find a system that worked!
Ben Thole, Certified "No B.S." Business Advisor Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, www.MeetWithBen.com
My approach to current employees and my approach when it's time to hire new employees.
Gary Ashmore, Ashmore Law Firm, Dallas, TX , www.AshmoreLaw.com
In using Real Talent and seeing the meaningful results we could get from a hiring tool, we began to take a more thoughtful approach to hiring. We looked at our interview questions and added more questions and better questions to get to the core of each candidate. Now, we have a detailed, thorough hiring process that uses a variety of questions as well as the Performance Profile to give us the very best shot at hiring the right person for the right job!
Timothy Seward, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC, www.ROIRevolution.com
I'm in an entirely new business created from scratch because of Jay and the Performance Profile. I would not have been here and I would not have the clarity or the vision for the businesses strategy if it were not for my friend Jay and his company, Real Talent. Jay Henderson's talent for helping business owners, employees and teams become better is what he is all about. He is a master at finding and developing an individual's talent. Jay has paid the price to learn and perfect this skill over many years of experience personally and professionally. Ironically, that's the name of his business- he is the personification of Real Talent."
Phillip Ray, DataLynx-US, Atlanta,GA, www.datalynx-us.com
Our culture has changed. We were already beginning to make some changes but the Performance Profile helps us make sure we hire the right people that fit with our core values for our organization. It helps me in my final selection.
Brett Dils, Jan Dils Attorneys At Law, Parkersburg, WV, www.jandils.com
Customer service and quality of service has increased dramatically. I built a new bonus and incentive system around how the employees make decisions that everyone is bought in to.
Karl Murphy Owner, Carolina Auto Spa, Raleigh, NC
Using the Performance Profile is another step in making sure that we get the right people into the right positions. And the feedback we get from each test helps me as an HR professional to coach my managers on how they can get the most out of their newest team member. We know before we hire someone what their weaknesses are and how to be proactive in addressing those weaknesses and getting the best work out of each employee.
Barbara Green, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC, www.ROIRevolution.com
I have found new employees who really care about their work and what they are doing. I am able to find employees who fit well with our company.
Joy Fow, Business Manager, Sullivan Law Office, Louisville, KY, www.MichaelSullivanLaw.com
I hired my office manager after using Jay's Performance Profile for the first time. It was between him and another candidate and the test made the decision for me. This is the best employee I have hired in 29 years so I believe in this method. I have just hired a retail shoe store manager based on his findings and although there were some concerns identified, Jay told me how to proceed -what pitfalls to watch for, outline expectations very well beforehand, and also only offer a 90 day temporary trial. All of these were good suggestions and I delayed contacting her until I could outline those detailed expectations and then present them to her first.
Jane Graebner, Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, Delaware, OH, www.FootDoctorJane.com
Nothing at this point other than my hiring process and sequence is more deliberate and focused.
Mickey E. Gordon, DPM, Gulf Coast Foot Care, Naples, FL, www.gulfcoastfootcare.com
We have significantly in-creased our awareness of each other and this had made for more approachable situations.
Lori Cerami, Foot & Ankle Associates of North Texas, www.faant.com
Since I started using Real Talent, I now have more employees because business (and profits) have increased.
Kevin McDonald, Family Foot Care, Concord, NC, www.cabarrusfootdoctor.com