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Did anything surprise you about working with Real Talent Hiring?


A: Jay is very personable and fantastic to work with. Not a surprise after hearing him speak but his customer service was even better than I would have expected. He went the extra mile with me. He responded very quickly to me and answered all of my questions about his services. Jay is a "Real Talent"!

Matt Neuhaus, DPM, Owner, NeuhausFoot&Ankle, Smyrna, TN, www.smyrnafootandankle.com

Jay is able to look into a situation and --using a combination of profile data and his unique insight --tell you things about yourself and your staff that you're amazed anyone would know! He gets how I think and can provide specific instructions on how to boost my strengths and reduce the effect of my shortcomings.

Ben Thole, Certified "No B.S." Business Advisor Glazer-Kennedy Insider's Circle, www.MeetWithBen.com

Jay's approach and the way he went about explaining the results. It was not just simply reading a report generated from a test. He actually gave an evaluation and interpretation which was extremely helpful.

Gary Ashmore, Ashmore Law Firm, Dallas, TX , www.AshmoreLaw.com

I was surprised at how accurate the results are! This tool can give you extremely detailed information about candidates' strengths and eaknesses, as well as their overall personality and demeanor. The details go way beyond what you can pick up during a couple of interviews.

Timothy Seward, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC, www.ROIRevolution.com

The Real Talent Performance Profile is required administrative work if you are at all interested in understanding the way the candidate will make decisions in your organization. Every decision in the new economy is crucial because dollars are worth less and there's fewer of them to go around. You must to have a way to gauge how a candidate could adversely or positively affect your business. That information three months after the hire and hundreds of hours of ramp up time, along with thousands spent on getting a new employee up and running is not the time to find out they have major limitations for their role or for the organization as a whole.

Phillip Ray, DataLynx-US, Atlanta,GA, www.datalynx-us.com

No, I believe in the results so I wasn't surprised but other people in our organization have been amazed. The results are awesome. I like that it's not a 100 question assessment that takes forever. It's quick, simple and can't be manipulated.

Brett Dils, Jan Dils Attorneys At Law, Parkersburg, WV, www.jandils.com

To be honest, I was floored at how accurate the results are! It's amazing how someone's rankings of two lists can reveal so much about their strengths, weaknesses, potential and overall character.

Barbara Green, ROI Revolution, Raleigh, NC, www.ROIRevolution.com

I was surprised at how accurate it was! I was really blown away by what Jay could tell me about myself. His practice is really cutting edge in today's business world.

Joy Fow, Business Manager, Sullivan Law Office, Louisville, KY, www.MichaelSullivanLaw.com

It seems so simple, yet tells so much.

Jane Graebner, Foot and Ankle Wellness Center, Delaware, OH, www.FootDoctorJane.com

I was surprised how accurate it was when it was given to both a 9-year and a 12-year length employee.

Mickey E. Gordon, DPM, Gulf Coast Foot Care, Naples, FL, www.gulfcoastfootcare.com

Being observant about our team, it was amazing to see how accurate the evaluation was.

Lori Cerami, Foot & Ankle Associates of North Texas, www.faant.com

My wife laughed when she read my result report - she thought Jay had installed a secret camera in the office.

Kevin McDonald, Family Foot Care, Concord, NC, www.cabarrusfootdoctor.com